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The regional center will continue work on street lighting 

In terms of 2017 the coverage of the streets of Tolstoy, Kievskaya, Khakimzhanova, Leningradskaya, Tselinnaya, Seralin, Komarov, Gastello, Valikhanov, Pionerskaya and others is envisaged. In Amangeldy settlement lighting will be installed along Abay street. And in Druzhba village lanterns will be installed on the next streets: 40 years of October, Parkovaya, 70 years of October. This was announced by Akim of Kostanay Bazyl Zhakupov at a meeting in city Akimat.

At present the street lighting of city is 277 km long and 8752 lamps of various modifications, the current content of which is occupied by LLP "Adal I". Since 2016 the length of lighting networks has increased by more than 13 km. Annually as part of the repair of roads power transmission lines are also changing. But at the same time there is a need to replace another 30% of the luminaires that were used in 1.5-2 times more than the standard time. In 2016 not small effort was made to restore street lighting networks along Kairbekov street within the borders of streets Kurganskaya - Greenhouse plant, Solnechnaya st. within the borders of Belinsky - Zhukovsky, Belinsky st. within the borders of treets Stancionnaya - Solnechnaya, on Krasny Kuztets street, Herzen st. and in the residential community of Druzhba. This year this work will be continued.

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