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 The action "Immortal Regiment" will be held in Kostanay 

The action "Immortal Regiment" becomes a landmark not only for Kazakhstan, Russia but also for the far abroad, the list of countries though not infinite but covers almost the whole world.

The Civil and patriotic action "Immortal Regiment" will be at the initiative of city Akimat on 9 May at 10.00 am on the square in front of the regional Akimat.

The purpose of the action is to preserve the memory of the heroes of the Great Patriotic War.

In order to pass in the ranks of the "Immortal Regiment" it is necessary to make and bear the photo of your relative - the soldier of the Victory.

People should see faces of soldiers of the Great Patriotic War. If you carry a photo - it will not be seen by many. Especially in the column. Therefore it is recommended to come to the column of the "Immortal Regiment" with portraits on A3 pillars (sticks) (30x40).

If photos of front-line soldiers are not saved in your photo album you can make a pillar on which the Full name and military rank will be written. 

           We invite everyone who cherishes the memory of the front-line winners to form our "Immortal Regiment"!

Press service of Akim of Kostanay city

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