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State service "Issuance of permission for the export, import and transit of relocated
(transported) objects taking into account the evaluation of the epizootic situation
in the relevant territory "

GU "Kostanay city territorial inspection KVK and N MAX RK" informs about changes in terms of rendering in the state service "Issuance of permission for the export, import and transit of objects transported (transported) taking into account the assessment of the epizootic situation in the relevant territory" in the field of veterinary medicine on the basis of the Order Minister of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated May 6, 2015 No. 7-1 / 418 "On approval of standards of public services in the field of veterinary medicine":
The period of rendering the state service - for the import, export of the object being transported (transported) - within 7 (seven) working days, except for permits requiring transit approval with the services of other states for transit transportation of the object being moved (transported) - within 30 (thirty) working days and passage of quarantine of live animals - within 60 (sixty) calendar days. The Service Provider checks the completeness of the submitted documents within two working days from the receipt of the documents of the beneficiary. The list of documents required for the provision of a public service when the service provider (or its representative) has contacted the service provider:
1) application form, according to Annex 1 to this standard of public service, for export - at the place of origin (location) of the transported (transported) facility, for import - at the place of importation;
      2) the document proving the identity and the document confirming the representative's authority (for identification);
      3) a copy of a pedigree certificate or equivalent document for each head of an animal and pedigree product (material) issued by the official authority of the exporting country - when importing pedigree animals and pedigree products (material) (in the absence of an information system);
Reception of the application and delivery of results of rendering of the state service is made: from 9-00 to 17-30 hours with a break from 13-00 to 14-30 hours.

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