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Prevention of emergency situations during high-water periods

March 1, 2018 in the small hall of akimat, under the chairmanship of Akim of Kostanay city Zhakupova B.Sh., a meeting was held to prevent emergencies during the spring flood in 2018.
The meeting was attended by deputy akims of the city, heads of law enforcement agencies, heads of city state institutions and contract organizations, municipal enterprises, the chairmen of the PSC, responsible employees of the city akimat and media representatives.
The first, with the report was made by the head of the department for the prevention of terrorism, the MP, the Emergency Situations and the State Program of the apparatus of Akim of the city Kolchanov GA. In his report, G. Kolchanov noted that to date, the thickness of the snow cover is 15 cm, at a rate of 20 cm, water reserves of 20 mm, at a rate of 52 mm.
From the experience of past years spring flood can be divided into three stages:
1. The beginning of the flood in the city.
2. Passage of flood waters from the fields through the territory of the city.
3. The discharge of water from the Karatamar Reservoir on the Tobol River exceeds 300 cubic meters per second.
To prevent flooding of the city's territories, snow removal from the city streets is being carried out this year, the snow has already been removed during the winter period 2017 - 2018 in the amount of more than 450 000 m3.
At the end of his speech, G. Kolchanov reported that the employees of the Ministry of Railways and Urban Affairs of the city are raiding enterprises and organizations for the timely removal of snow from the adjacent territory.
Acting head of the Emergency Situations Department of the city of Kostanay, E. Nurlanli, said that in the spring, as a result of a sharp temperature increase, heavy snow melting begins, large volumes of water form which do not have time to soak into the soil, due to which the flooding begins residential areas, cellars of private houses and some sections of city streets.
E.Nurlanli mentioned that only 302 residential buildings fall into the flooding zone. On the line of PSP of the city of Kostanay, work is underway to clarify the surnames lists of people, zones of evacuation of the population, animals, property. At the same time, low-mobile categories of citizens (pensioners, children, invalids, pregnant women) were separately registered, and the staff of the department developed the memos: "On observance of flood safety measures" and "How to survive the flood", a household farmhouse undergoing floods attraction of mass media. Mandatory activities in the pre-pending period are cleaning the roof of houses and building from snow and icicles.
At the end of the meeting, in order to prevent an emergency situation and avoid material losses, the akim of the city B. Zhakupov gave specific instructions to the heads of the Housing and Public Utilities Departments, agriculture, contract organizations and PSC.

Press service of the akim of the city of Kostanay

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