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Press release ritual folk festival "Walk, people-Carnival at the gate!"

February 18, 2018 14.00 hours in the City Center will be a celebration of "Walk, people, the Carnival at the gate!".
In the program of the ritual festival "Pancake Day" are the characters Skomorokhi, Matryoshki. Trade rows will work, people will be treated to pancakes.
Performed by actors will be plot-and-play scenes, round dance.
 Competitions and games will be held with the audience: "Stilts", "Cocks fights", "Cushion fight", "Kushak", "Silachi", "Tug of war", "Fist fights", "Sacks", competition for knowledge of proverbs and sayings about Pancake week.
In the finale of the feast, the stuffed Shrovetide will be burned.
The festival program will feature artists from the regional Russian theater and the city's Palace of Culture "Miras".

Press service of the akim of the city of Kostanay

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