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Beginning of documents acceptance within the framework of

Programs of housing construction "Nurly Zher" in the direction of JSC "Mortgage organization" Kazakhstan Mortgage Company "

GU "Department of Housing and Communal Services, Passenger Transport and Highways of Akimat of the City of Kostanay" within the Housing Construction Program "Nurly Zher" in the direction of JSC "Mortgage Organization" Kazakhstan Mortgage Company "announces a tender for the sale of 198 apartments by lease with a purchase period of up to 20 years old, located in multi-story apartment buildings at the address: Kostanay, in the Airport area and in the area of ​​Herzen Street - Kievskaya Street.

the number of 1 room apartments - 58 units, ranging from 36.54 to 42.99 sq.m.

the number of 2 room apartments is 100 units, the area is from 53.36 to 57.03 sq.m.

the number of 3 room apartments - 40 units, ranging from 60.84 to 67.75 sq.m.

Reception of applications and necessary documents will be carried out among citizens who are registered in need of housing from June 4, 2018 - until June 8, 2018 from 10:00 to 17:00, break from 13.00 hours to 14:30 hours. at: Kostanay, Baitursynov st., 55 (1 floor, building of the State Institution "Department of Housing and Communal Services, Passenger Transport and Highways of the Akimat of the City of Kostanay").

List of required documents:

- applications for a certain type of apartment;

- a document certifying the identity of the applicant and his family members;

   - address information on the registration of the applicant and his permanent family members at his place of residence;

- evidence of the conclusion / dissolution of the marriage, the death of the spouse (s), the birth of children, a notarized statement that the applicant is not married;

- information on the presence or absence of a dwelling belonging to them on the right of ownership or rental housing with a ransom on the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- court decisions on recognition of the applicant's other persons as family members;

- information on wages;

- information on the registration of those in need of housing, indicating the priority number or unique number (at the time of application for participation in the Program);

- a document confirming the applicant's attitude to the category defined by the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Housing Relations".

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