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May 9 - Victory Day!

Victory Day is a great feast of the triumph of light over darkness, good over evil, life over death. No matter how the facts of our history have changed in recent years, May 9 - Victory Day - remains unchanged, beloved, dear, sorrowful, but at the same time bright holiday.
Probably, in every city near the eternal fire on this day, those who came to lay flowers, to remember our defenders and heroes gather, to be silent for a moment and for once to say words of gratitude to them. Thank you for our peaceful life, for our children and grandchildren, for their happiness! Thank you, low bow and eternal memory.
Every year the number of veterans decreases and at the present time seven participants of the Great Patriotic War, 14 rear workers and six widows of the UVOV are served in the Social Assistance Departments at the KSU Center for Social Services. On the eve of such a great holiday, our Center honors its heroes. Words of congratulations were sent to veterans, presents were presented in the form of food sets and flowers.


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