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Happy Thanksgiving Day

Dear Kostanay people!

In April 2015, speaking at the 22nd session of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan, the Head of State Nursultan Nazarbayev proposed to mark the Day of Gratitude in the Republic on March 1. By the will of fate, whole nations were deported to our Republic in different years and Kazakh families took them to their homes. Today in the modern multinational family of Kazakhstan, representatives of more than 130 peoples live in peace and harmony.
As Elbasy noted, the common historical fate of the ethnic groups inhabiting modern Kazakhstan positively affected the mentality of the people, their life views and aspirations, formed values ​​and ideals common to all ethnoses.
Thanksgiving is an opportunity to once again show respect to each other by all citizens of our country, a day of respect for our common history, a day of mutual assistance, support, responsiveness.
Dear Kostanay people!
I congratulate you on Thanksgiving Day! May the spiritual holiday be a Day of Gratitude on the first spring day, contributes to the further preservation and augmentation of the main property of our country - the unity of the people.
Accept the words of congratulations and gratitude for your active civil position, selfless love for the Motherland, conscientious work for the prosperity of our city. I wish your families peace, prosperity, happiness and goodness!

Yours faithfully,akim of the city of Kostanay                                                     B. Zhakupov

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