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City competition "The best office of the Kazakh language"

City competition "The best office of the Kazakh language"

about holding a city competition
"The best study of the Kazakh language" among institutions, enterprises and organizations of the city of Kostanay

1. General Provisions
1.1. This Regulation determines the procedure and conditions for the city competition "The best Kazakh language classroom" among institutions, enterprises and organizations of the city of Kostanay (hereinafter - the Competition).
1.2. The competition is aimed at identifying and synthesizing the best experience in organizing classrooms that meet modern requirements.
1.3. City Competition is held by the state institution "Department of Culture and Language Development of Kostanay Akimat"
2. Goals and objectives of the competition

2.1. Implementation of the Law “On Languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan” and the plan of activities for 2017–2019 for the implementation of the State Program for the Development and Functioning of Languages ​​in the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2011–2019 in Kostanay
2.2. Improving the equipment of classrooms with hardware, training equipment and teaching aids;
2.3. Increasing interest in the state language through the use of new technologies, efficiency and effectiveness of training.
2.4. Identification of classrooms that meet the modern requirements of the organization of educational space;
2.5. Promoting responsible office space.

3. Criteria for evaluating classrooms

       Kabazytyazhskogo language are evaluated according to the criteria given in the form of evaluation of classrooms, on a 4-point scale, where: 4 points - excellent, 3 points - good, 2 points - satisfactory, 1 point - unsatisfactory.

Evaluation sheet
Evaluation Criteria Points
Existence of the passport of an educational office
Rational storage of educational equipment
Availability of teaching and learning materials
Systematization of existing educational equipment, manuals
The presence of stands
State, aesthetics of poster material
Availability of technical means of training and organization of their storage
The status of the teacher's workplace
The presence of instructions, the magazine on occupational safety and health of trainees in the classroom
Gardening cabinet. Presence of plants, their condition

4. Terms and order of the competition

4.1. The competition is held from December 1 to December 25, 2018.
       4.2. Applications for participation in the competition are accepted until December 19, 2018 at the email address (M. Dulatova str., 91)
       4.3. The results will be announced from December 20-24, 2018.

5. Competition Jury

5.1. The functions of the jury of the competition include: summing up, identifying the winners, participating in the awards ceremony.

6. Summing up the competition, rewarding

6.1. Summing up the competition will be held December 26, 2018, a solemn award.
 6.2. The winners of the competition are awarded with certificates and valuable prizes.


Application for participation in the city competition
"The best office of the Kazakh language"

1. Name of organization
2. Address of the organization
3. Contact phone, e-mail
5. Last name, first name of the head of the organization
6 Last name, first name of teacher

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