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Akim Kostanay congratulated the school leaders on the New Year 2018

Today, on the basis of the City School of Children's Creativity, a New Year's Christmas tree took place in the city of Kostanay for school leaders.

105 school leaders took part in the event: winners and prize-winners of intellectual, scientific, creative and sports competitions of regional, national and international levels.

Akim of the city Zhakupov B.Sh. addressed with a congratulatory speech to the New Year's Eve participants, words of gratitude and gratitude were expressed for the work and purposefulness of the students, their aspiration to the heights of science, creativity and sports.

10 pupils gave akim statuettes "Үміт" and thank-you letters. Gift books were awarded to 5 winners of the essay contest "Kazakhstan is my native land".

After the official part, a festive concert program was held with the participation of the best creative teams of the city. In a reciprocal speech, the students noted that, according to the Rukhani zharyro program, all conditions are created in Kostanai for the development of schoolchildren's giftedness, and new opportunities appear for manifesting themselves in various fields of science, sports and creativity.

Press service of the akim of the city of Kostanay

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